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Early American Collection (1600 - 1820)

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Leaf - EA2324 - Retail $1598 - Web $1065

From our Early American Collection comes this very lavishly decorated Leaf Medallion. One of the common elements in Early American decorations was the leaf motif. This medallion displays the leaf element in sparkling golden fashion. The leaves are decorated with 22.5K German gold which is followed through to the shell element for a total balanced effect. The background of the medallion is hand painted with "Mother of Pearl" and selected highlights are painted to match your decor. The Leaf Medallion really captures the spirit of the Early American period while at the same time adding warmth and beauty to any room in your home.

Height = 25 1/8", Width = 25 1/8", Projection = 1 1/8",
Hole Dia. = 4"

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Rope - EA7980 - Retail $1118 - Web $745

Copper was a common material used in the Early American Architectural Period. One of the characteristics of copper is that it oxidizes over time which produces a thin green layer over parts of the copper surface called patina. In nature, wind and rain would polish the highlights of the copper while leaving lower surfaces covered in warm green patina. The Rope Medallion is a classic example of this copper and patina element. The rope and guilloche is covered in aged copper while the rest of the medallion is hand painted in concentric rings of bronze and turquoise with a "Mother of Pearl" beaded accent. The copper and patina on this medallion makes it a truly unforgettable architectural accent.

Height = 25 1/2", Width = 25 1/2", Projection = 1 1/16",
Hole Dia. = 3 1/4"

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Umbrella - EA4134 - Retail $1253 - Web $835

In the Early American Architectural Period simple designs were common because they believed that plain living reflected high morals. One motif that was used often was the umbrella design. Simple in appearance it adds a certain air of tranquility to any room. The central flower is gilded in 18K lemon yellow gold with 22.5K dark gold and 23.75K "moon gold" accents. Moon gold is a combination of gold, silver and palladium. The beading and umbrella is either painted in white or "Mother of Pearl" with the edge gilded in 18K lemon yellow gold and 22.5K dark gold, resulting in a simple yet striking symmetry. The borders of the medallion are then painted a bronze color to add contrast.

Height = 20 1/4", Width = 20 1/4", Projection = 1 1/16",
Hole Dia. = 1 3/8"

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