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Romantic Collection (1820 - 1880)

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Egg and Dart - RP1021 - Retail $835 - Web $555

A classic motif used in the Romantic Period of American architecture was the Egg and Dart detail. Although simple in design, the Egg and Dart detail adds a very stately yet elegant accent to any room. The Egg and Dart detail in this medallion along with the raised center ring is lavishly covered in rich 22.5K gold, imported from Germany. The background is an iridescent "Mother of Pearl" and accent color is a hand painted emerald green. Even though this medallion is decorated in green, you can choose any color that matches your decor. The Egg and Dart Medallion will not only add warmth and elegance to your home, it will make a statement of your impeccable taste.

Height = 24 1/8", Width = 24 1/8", Projection = 1 7/16",
Hole Dia. = 1 3/4"

(Additional Sizes Now Available - Please Call For Information)

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Floral - RP2760 - Retail $1365 - Web $910

The French influenced mid-eighteenth century decorating styles using light blues, greens and pinks that had a very chalky flavor. During the mid-nineteenth century, Americans were modeling their architecture after the mid-eighteenth century European architecture The Floral Medallion was developed to represent the true spirit of the Romantic Period. Light greens and pinks were used as the base colors with white highlights added to give a chalky look and feel to each of the elements. Although this medallion is done in period specific colors, it can be easily altered to match your decor. To further enhance this medallion, 18K "yellow gold" was added to the central flower, ring and scroll motifs. The floral medallion will add warmth and beauty to any room.

Height = 21", Width = 21", Projection = 1 5/8"

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Oval Shell - RP4380 - Retail $938 - Web $625

The Romantic Period in American architecture was characterized by proportion and decoration with colors that were soft and warm. The Oval Shell Medallion uses green and pink with an occasional touch of gold leaf to create a very ornately decorated architectural accent. The focal point of the medallion is the sea shell which is hand painted with iridescent "Mother of Pearl". The central flower as well as the ring around the shell, is gilded in 12K white gold, while the anthemions and small flowers are gilded in 22.5K dark deep gold and "moon gold" (23.75K combination of gold, silver and palladium). This medallion will serve as the centerpiece of any room or as a group of four around a light.

Height = 12", Width = 20 5/8", Projection = 1 3/4"

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