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Victorian Collection (1860 - 1900)

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Cherub - VP3438 - Retail $4928 - Web $3285

From our Victorian Collection comes this lavishly decorated Cherub Medallion. Patterned after angel motifs of the period, the cherubs are adorned with rich 22.5K gold halo and wings, bright 18K "yellow gold" hair and life like hand painted faces. Accent flowers and orb rings are decorated in complementary 18K and 22.5K gold leaf. Floral leafing is done in a stately 23.75K bronze which is achieved by combining gold, silver and palladium to produce a stunning compliment to the warm heavenly angels. A 22.5K gold braiding is added to bring all of the elements together into a symmetrical masterpiece which will prove to be the highlight of any room in your home.

Height = 32 3/8", Width = 32 3/8", Projection = 4",
Flat Center Area = 3 3/4"

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Round Rosette - VP8250 - Retail $1185 - Web $790

Two popular colors used in the Victorian period were rich dark gold and deep vibrant red. Our Round Rosette Medallion has been designed to recapture the warmth of a beautifully decorated Victorian home. The center flower and leaves are decorated in a dark 22.5K German gold, while the middle of the medallion is hand painted with a warm, yet vibrant red. Finally, the edge is trimmed with the same 22.5K gold that is found in the center of the medallion. Although this medallion was decorated in period specific colors, the use of colors that complement your decor would be just as elegant. This medallion will surely prove to be the focal point of any room in your home.

Height = 17 1/8", Width = 17 1/8", Projection = 1 11/16"

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Scroll - VP5279 - Retail $1185 - Web $790

The Victorian Period in American architectural history began what was known as the "Gilded Age". This period saw an accelerated increase in wealth generated by the Industrial Revolution. The need to display this wealth gave way to the use of gold to add stunning glamor to architectural highlights in the home. This Scroll Medallion is yet another classic example of the architectural embellishment common in this period. The ornate scrolls and highlights are gilded in 22.5K gold imported from Germany, while a simple white background adds a striking contrast to the sparkling gold. The Scroll Medallion is truly as glamorous as the Victorian Period it represents.

Height = 20 3/4", Width = 20 3/4", Projection = 2 3/4"

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